Stealing Time


Last week was a very busy/stressful week.  It was a good week in that Zach was home for a few days and we were a part of Jimmy and Gretchen's wedding.  I had some of the boys for a couple nights and the Harris' had the girls.  Considering Jimmy is one of 7 boys, I know that had to be a little different for our friends.  I had the boys, I just had to have enough food.  I enjoyed the slight fuss of the young men.

The fire is 55% contained as of early this morning.  Most of the people evacuated have been allowed to return home.  I do know of a few people that went home and then returned to the hotel because the smoke smell was over powering.

For us out here, it was not too bad.  A few days of nasty smoke but nothing like in town.  I went into hiding and did not go into town, so my lungs did okay. 

Betty looks like the frankenstien of dogs but she will be okay.  It is hard to make a border collie stay still.  She wants to go down in the field and do her job but for now she is banished to the back bedroom.  She seems to think we are killing her by putting a leash and collar on her but she is supposed to be "quiet".  We have to let her off the leash to get her to do her business.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during the fire.  We are all doing fine.  My mom is good.  Keep the families that lost hteir homes in your prayers.  346 homes were lost.  One couple that stayed in their home was lost in the fire.  Over 17000 acres burned.  Lots of hard work by our firefighters!

Have a Grace Day.