Ski trip Feb. 2009

I am working on adding photos of our ski trip.  Max was getting the camp robber jays to eat from his hands but we were not very successful in getting a photo.  Tune in again, I will be adding a few more photos.  Now, it is time to head back to Copper for 2 more days of skiing.

Ski Food

My friend had her baby so that gave me a good excuse to make some food to share.  That is a typical mom response, a new baby - must make food.  It was a good chance to make food for her family and my family.  I also made enough of the burritos to put up for skiing this winter.  We know these are good cold and then you can usually find a microwave somewhere on the slopes.

PB191011 Then we wrap them and put them in the freezer.
PB191016 The caramel rolls are gone...