Colorado Springs Youth Symphony

Joe plays Bass with the Encore group.  We have been a part of this organization for 4 years now.  Ted started with the violin and then they needed bass players so Joe had the chance to join up. I wish I could say that Ted stayed with it but he did not.  Maybe one day.  Joe has worked hard and has moved up.  They had a concert today with 3 of the groups from the youth symphony.  It is so enjoyable to hear the children play classical music.  And the different groups are good. 

The CSYSA has been around for 27 years now.  The kids have played in Japan, Sydney Opera House, Vienna and Carnegie Hall.  There are 6 groups in the organization.  They play in town and here in Colorado.

For us it has been an awesome experience.  They look at music differently then I ever did as a kid.  It has been one of those positive experiences that will stay with them for a long time.

Joe and the young people that stay with the group have an awesome opportunity to learn and grow,  They all work hard and work together, they have the chance to open doors.  There is the chance for travel abroad and i know Joe is looking towards possibly going to Japan this summer.  (Joe, it will take work, discipline and obedience.)

I do have to say thank you to the people that have loved music so much they are willing to share it with our children.