rough day

The little guy ate on his own at 10, 12, and 4AM.  By  0730 we were losing and we lost around 1530.  We tried but sometimes there is not much we can do. 

Meg had 1 this afternoon and Kate had 2.  So far, so good.   Fishy is the only one left to kid out.

Goat update

It seems to be a long winter.  Not enough snow or moisture though.  The mountains did well but the plains not so good.

So far we have - Ashley - 2 on Tuesday - and she is taking care of them.  Pib had 3 today but we have one in the house.  He was the last one and she showed no interest in him.  He is not strong enough to hold his head up nor stand up.  We are doing what we can.

Have a Grace Day.

Vicious Buttons

I keep telling my self I will not get attached.  Every time I start to like a cat they don't return home (read coyote bait).  I told myself never again.  The kids have been warning me that I am doing it again.  I did it again.
Sally, or Vicious Buttons, depending on her mood, is gone.  I had to take her in and put her down today.  Her kidneys had quit on her.  I should know better.  No matter how high you try to build walls, something gets to you.  You have to be able to love and you have to be able to be hurt.  You have to have rain and sunshine to have the roses.  and they have thorns.

I know that it was just a barn cat.  I liked her.

CIMG1025 7-09-07 002 CIMG0075