29 gifts

Day 18 &19

Saturday and Sunday.  They are always busy and go fast and this weekend was no exception.  Saturday is chore day and this Sat. was Altar Server Guild for the boys.  Chris did not make it this month.  He has been busy with his play at school and I let him pass.  Max did go thanks to some friends that give the boys a ride quite often.

Tim and Chris worked on the barn, animals and the ski rack is back on my car.  The skis are in the shop being tuned up, they will be ready on Monday to go skiing on Tuesday.

The goats seem to be fine.  I sure hope it stays that way.  It is funny watching Fishy rub her face in that stinky buck.  I guess they have made friends.  Even Mikey is pushing for his spot in the pecking order.  The chickens stayed in the barn next to the lamp.  The wind was blowing but it was not that cold, Tim put in a new light yesterday and they seem to be twitter pated by the light.

I worked on cooking pumpkins for pies.  I will work on pies tomorrow because I am playing hooky with Tim on Tuesday at Copper Mountain.  I was messing with all kinds of things in the kitchen and when it was good and destroyed a friend stopped by for a beer.  Then Joe and Jillian came by for a few minutes and then it was off to Chris' play at school.  Busy day.

Sunday was a day for Mass and biscuits and gravy.  Tim watched football and Nascar.  Not such a busy day which is nice.

My gifts for the weekend was mineral water for our French Priest and a four day Copper ski pass for Jillian.  I am thankful for the work we were able to get done, that the goats seem to be okay, and that we were able to go to Mass together this morning.

Have a Grace day.

Day 17

I went to see our PCP this morning.  My good cholesterol is great but the triglycerides is not so good.  For now she wants me to take a prescription strength fish oil and cut down on carbs.  That would mean my beer.  I would rather give up bread.  I guess I really need to take care of myself.  I am not a teen that will live forever on chocolate cookies.

My gift today was to not tailgate a slow driver.  I can get really irritated following someone that cannot go the speed limit.  I made myself back off and just go with the speed they were setting.  Granted when they got into the construction site they started going faster and was well over the limit and I had to not keep up with them. 

We had to put a goat down today.  Max found one of the goats down today and when we got her up she was doing the star gazing thing.  We do not know what she had, we are only hoping it was a fluke and no one else is going to get sick.  The vet said it could be a 1000 different things that had her sick.  The biggest thing is to keep an eye on everyone else, including humans, for signs of someone else getting sick.

Tim made it home from Arizona.  That is what I am thankful for today.

Have a Grace filled Saturday.


Day 16

I had the fun of another appointment at National Jewish with the RA doc.  For now I am to continue with the meds as they are.  I was almost home before Ireceived a call that something else is wrong.  Now it is my cholesterol that is gone wrong.  I would really like to get off this roller coaster.

My gift was to give another teen a ride home from the high school.  I can understand not wanting to go out at 9PM to pick up kids from the school.  Chris said his play went well.  We will go see it on Saturday night.

I am thankful for a safe trip to Denver and that Chris' school play went well.

Day 15

The morning started out very cold and windy.  The wind and snow had woke me up during the night and it was about 11 degrees when Chris needed to catch the bus.  He asked for a ride to the bus and I gave him one.  I did not want to go out there either!

I did not go to water aerobics today.  I decided I was worn out and lazy.  Max and I ground up some pork for sausage.  Everyone will be home during Christmas break and we will want to have biscuits and gravy.  I also want to play with a sausage making technique.  I saw on tv where someone had taken their sausage mix and rolled it in corn husks (like a tamale) and smoke them.  I am amazed that Wal-mart out here does not have corn husks.  I know there has to be some somewhere in this area.

Those were my gifts for the day.  A little of me, in a ride to the bus and in making the sausage.  I am thankful that I am able to do little things like that for those that I love.

Have a Grace day.

Day 14

My day started out with out coffee or breakfast.  I had to go get lab work done and had to fast.  I really hate needles and getting blood drawn.  I then headed over to occupational therapy for my hands.  I think we are getting somewhere between meds and therapy.  My hands are not hurting as much and there are a few things that I can do again.  They are also not going 'asleep' as much as they were before.  The right is only sometimes and the left is not as severe.  Some good news for me.

My gift for today was a pair of snowman socks for the therapist.  She is a very nice therapist and person.  We both have 5 kids so it gives us something in common.  I have Christmas socks and will wear them even in summer and she had noticed and teased me about Christmas in July.  Now she has her own socks to wear in the summer, or whenever.  I received a big smile and hug in return.

I did go to water aerobics while Chris was at his play practice.  I am getting better at the moves, not quite as confusing any more.

I am thankful that I was able to go to water aerobics and that I am not hurting as bad.  I hope tomorrow is as good.

Have a Grace day.

Day 13

It snowed.  Of course it snowed, I had to drive to Denver.  It was not so much snow so I was not too concerned until we got on the interstate and had to exit right away.  There was a 34 car pile up northbound to Denver.  There were no fatalities so that is good.  Just snowy, icy conditions.

Mom and I made it to Kelly's to rescue her from the construction in her home.  We went to lunch.  Mom could not find her credit card.  Kelly paid.  I paid Kelly.  Mom found her card.  Panic over.  Mom paid me.  Man, we are a crew!

Kelly is still on oxygen and I think she is bummed about that.  She is hoping that it is only temporary.  She will have to wear a monitor for a few days to see just where she is.  I will let you know when I know something. 

My gift today was to take Mom to see Kelly and let her know we are here.  I do hope her recovery goes well.  I am very thankful that our drive was safe.  Mom got drug through some parts of Colorado that she might not have seen without me at the wheel.  (thanks Barb for showing me some of those roads!)

Have a Grace day.

Day 12

Sunday.  The LORD's Day.  I went to Mass at OLP and then came home and got the boys to take them to Immaculate Conception for Mass.  Chris was serving the High Mass and I just cannot do the incense any more.  It is a bummer but they are starting to serve at the Low Mass and that one I can go to.

Mom and I went to the store and picked up some cheese, bread and wine to make cheese fondue for lunch.  We picked up a few other goodies and mom had already made a pork roast.  We had a very yummy afternoon.

My gift today was put in the collection baskets at the church's.

I am thankful for being able to spend time with my Mom.  I am thankful that Tim was able to go to the NASCAR race in Phoenix.

Have a Grace day.

Day 11

I chased the boys out of bed and out the door early.  I wanted to go to the commissary, bx, haircuts and pick up their skis and get them back home for their Saturday chores.  We found my mom at the BX and Chris pushed her cart through the commissary for her. I could not get their haircuts on base because you have to be 16 to be left for a haircut.  I thought that was little extreme and decided to take our business elsewhere.

We picked up their season rentals of skis, boots and poles.  I think soon Chris should be done growing and we might be able to buy him boots.  If his foot does not stop growing he will not need skis, his boots will be enough. We are getting the ski fever around here.  It has been cold the last week and snowing in the mountains.

The boys headed out to do their chores and I stayed in the kitchen.  I made salsa.  The salsa I make is meant to be shared so that was my gift for the day.  I sent a jar for my neighbors friend that really likes the salsa.  She had sent us fresh tomatoes from her garden this summer.

I also had a little fun putting together a gift for my neighbor.  Sometimes you should do things just for the fun of it.

Have a Grace day.

Day 10

Max and I took our Friday for a day of doing something different.  After he finished the animals and got himself cleaned up we headed into town.  The explorer was well over due for an oil change and there happened to be a Holiday Food and Gift Festival going on at the Expo center next door. (if you click on the link you will get to discount tickets)  We dropped off the explorer and walked over to the expo center.  There were all kinds of things in there and we did find some goodies. 

The latest fashion seems to be food more than crafts.  There were numerous vendors with spices mixtures for making dips, rubs, sauces and things like that.  Max and I figured we can come up with our own.  We already do for quite a bit.  We did find out that there is such a thing as pumpkin butter so I know what I can do with some of the pumpkins that we have.

Then we headed out for some lunch together.  After sampling little tidbits we were ready for some food.  We went and had some barbecue.  Then off to Whole Foods to buy some of the shrimp that was on sale.  We got there just in time because they were just about out.

No wonder I cannot lose weight. We like food!

My gift for today was paying Whole Foods $5 for them to give a family of 4 a meal.  The store on North Academy is having a holiday special and putting whole meals together for those that need.  That was a good thing for them to do and I was thankful to be able to help.

I am thankful for spending a fun afternoon with Max.  I had a good time with him.

Have a Grace day.

Day 9

I did drag my tail to the pool for water aerobics.  It is hard to think about going into water when it is 25 degrees outside.  They say the water is 85 degrees but it felt like 75.  I know I am whining but I am glad that I went and I hope that I am able to keep myself going.  I want to be able to ski this winter.  I have new skis that have only been skied on a few times.  I don't think they even have the new wax worn off.  I need to do something about that!

My gift yesterday was some pocket money for Zach.  He has been working and going to school but does not always get plenty of hours in at work.

I think the boys are getting Christmas fever in a different way this year.  They are looking forward to not being in school and being at home.  It is going to be noisy here in a few weeks.  That is a good thing.

Kelly said her surgery went well.  She was sent home with an oxygen machine because her levels were too low.  At least she is familiar with them after being around dad and me.  She is the one who told me to cover the tubing with a blanket to keep water from pooling in the tube.  Rain out - I think she called it. 

I am thankful that her surgery went well and I hope that she feels better soon.

Have a Grace day.