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My partner in crime, in love, in life, in health and in sickness.  Wow,  That would be a book to talk about him.  I met Tim was I was 14 or 15.  Started dating when I was 16.  We will be celebrating our 37th Thanksgiving together and 35 years married in January.  A lifetime that I pray has plenty more years to go.

I was in high school in Germany with my family.  He was a young airman.  We were at a very small base in northern Germany and everyone knew everyone.  We have lived in Virginia, Las Vegas, southern California, back to Germany, Holland, back to Germany and final stop Colorado.  He had one year in Turkey while I was in Las Vegas.  I would go anywhere with him.

We have grown up together and watched the five boys grow and are still watching them grow.  He was there with me when they were all born.   Thank you, God.  He had to put up with all those raging hormones each time.  Poor thing!

If you used the Myers -Briggs way of looking at us, we do not fit together.  But we have been told we are one heck of a team when we are working together.  When the boys were around and we were all working together we could be a force to reckoned with.  A team.

He has been to more doctor appointments with me than he has ever had to go for himself.  That is a good gift God blessed us with.  I am sure he has had his fill of emergency trips to the doctor.  He does this, without complaint.  He takes very good care of me.  In more ways than one.

I argue that I am capable of doing something and he reminds me, sometimes gently, that I am not.  He does not want to see me sick or in pain and does his best to keep it that way.  We all know that does not work all the time.

I will say I do not need to drag the oxygen concentrator to the mountains when we go ski.  It takes up so much room.  I want to ski without oxygen.  He always insist that I need these things.  Problem is, he is right.  He carries my skis for me.  And ski with me even though he would rather be in the powder or on the black runs.  I am a wimpy skier these days.  But I do love the mountains.

I am very blessed to have Tim to share this journey we call life with me.  After all these years I cannot imagine a different life.  Every thing we have done, shared, laughed over or fought about has shaped us both.  How many meals, beers and tears have we shared?  How many kisses and tender touches has there been?

Yes, I have a partner.  Sometimes I want to shoot him but I never want him gone.  I am a better person for being with him.  And I know I am in good hands.  Tim and God's.


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