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not.  The first colonoscopy did not work so they want to do it again.  The RA meds are not settling in my stomach too well so I am off them for now. No NSAID, no arava, no plaquenil.  When my stomach wants to cooperate, then I can try adding back nsaid and slowly plaquenil but no arava. A steroid shot into each hip might help some of the other joints, if not go back on prednisone. A steroid shot in the elbow might help the pain from cubital tunnel sydrome and help the shoulder pain. Come back and see them in 2 months. Meantime have another colonoscopy.

Ok, my hips and elbow hurt and I am a grump.  The little truck has been totaled out and am still waiting to hear from insurance.

Nothing like a little whine. 

I hope that I have it all out of my system or else the keg is going to go dry...



oh snap Karen. : /


a dry keg? horrors! I hope you're feeling better. I'm working full time the next few weeks, then hope to start homeschooling around here, want to meet for a beer around Labor Day??

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