April snowstorm
Happy Birthday!

Joe news

It has been a while since I have been to visit with you via the blog.  There have been many happenings around here but for now we will go with  - JOE.

Joe is 20 now.  His birthday was 2 weeks ago.  He has been with his Uncle Curt and Aunt Pam for a while.  Curt rolled an ATV over his body and broke 14 ribs.  Joe had been with Pam to help her and now is there to help them both.  Curt is home, just still hurting.  Joe has been coming home on the weekends to do his bass lessons and other bass stuff.

Saturday took us to Pueblo for him to audition for the music department and for scholarships.  He had receved his acceptance letter last week.  While we were there we found that he could register for his classes and get his student ID. 

It is official!  Joe is off to CSU Pueblo in August.




Congratulations, Joe. We are very happy for you.


Way to go Joe! Your house will be much quieter this fall Karen.

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