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Birthday Party

Happy Birthday!

Man, I am getting old.  And my body tells me so.

I went to lunch with my Mom and Dad at Margarita at Pine Creek.  What a wonderful place and awesome food.  It was very enjoyable.

On a whim I decided to buy myself a birthday present.  I can dream can't I?  I stopped at the Ford dealer to see about a 4WD Explorer.  It sure was little parked next to the Expedition.  I decided I had better not buy that one.  But I did not give up dreaming.

I came home and called USAA about the cost of insurance and a loan. Talk about easy.  I was already preapproved. They talked me through finding what I wanted from their website. I could have purchased a car from their services right then and there.  The dealers will even deliver!

I did send for some information/pricing.  Who knows, maybe someone will offer me a great deal.

After all, it IS my Birthday.



hhmm, so how IS your new ride? I am extremely jealous you know. :)

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