Pray before you vote, please
St. Martin of Tours Feast Day

busy, busy

I say I want a simpler, quiet life.  I think it is just a dream.  We stay so busy that I am not sure which way is up.  I am not the most organized person to have ever graced this world.  I am so bad it is a wonder that I get anything done.  I do leave lots undone or put off until another day.  I did vote.  That is done and now I can move on to other thoughts.  I still need to pray for who ever is our new leader and the advisers around them.
My sister from Florida is in town and I have had a chance to spend time with her and my parents.  Sunday we are going up to the mountains to spend the day at the cabin.  Kelly is coming from Denver to visit too.
The weather has been wonderful so it should be a nice day to go to the mountains.
Tim is still in Greenland.  It turned into a much longer trip than he expected.  He will make it home one of these days.  We are already thinking about our ski trip for this year.
Joe is waiting to hear from our government about his waiver for joining the Air Force.  He may still be here when it is time to go skiing.  Keep him in your prayers, please.
We spent Saturday at the church.  They had a High Mass and a procession with the kids dressed as Saints.  There were all kinds of games and activities set up for the families to enjoy.  The children that were dressed as Saints had the chance to give clues as to who they were and see if they could stump any of the judges.  A few of the kids were able to stump Father and they were pretty pleased with that.  We were there with 2 goats, 2 chickens and Betty.  We were the petting zoo activity.  There was even a little lawn tractor and wagon for the hay rides. 
Some of the kids were afraid of the goats and chickens.  I was informed that one little girl only likes one legged chickens because they don't bite!  One little 2 yr old was kissing and hugging the goats and the dog.  I think if I had gotten the chickens out of the cage she would have hugged the chickens too.
I think the families had a very good time.  Many thanks to the people that did all the hard work to put that on. 
Max won a cake at the cake walk.

Have a Blessed Day.


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