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Goodness, I do not even know how to get my thoughts together.  It is a strange feeling growing inside of me.  Time flies and the world continues to revolve.

I heard from Mickey, our babysitter for five years in Germany.  She married an American and lives in Louisiana.  She has for almost 10 years.  She is divorced now, I am very sorry to hear.  But she sounded good. She said she is an American now.  It would be nice to get to see her one of these days.

Tim is in Greenland for a few weeks.  He almost did not go, his bags decided they wanted heat and not ice, so they took their own little side trip to Texas.  He called and said that they caught up to him in Baltimore, just in time.

Zach went and got his new drivers license this morning.  You know, the one that is turned to show that he is 21.  21!!!  I feel old.  At least i can call him and ask him to bring home beer now.

Joe is off to Denver to be poked, prodded and tested to see if the Air Force wants him.  I asked him if he is going to call tonight and check in.  He is ready to go and see the world, not worry about calling his Mommy.

Ted and I got into it again so he is visiting his Uncle Curt and Aunt Pam for a few days.  It is just too difficult to fight with him all the time.  I am sure he will enjoy being around Curt for a few days.  Curt said they would get some guy time in.  Including going hunting.

Max and Chris are working on their school and waiting for another boy to come over this afternoon to do some of the Seton work together.  It does not look like 4H is going to survive the budget cuts this year so the goat stuff will just be for us.  We will see.  They are learning how to serve the Traditional Latin Mass.  that is different and the Father really spends a lot of time with the boys.

I ran into one of the Fathers that we knew when we first got here.  He asked how everyone was doing and what the ages were now.  Was surprised to hear Zach was 21.  He asked where we were going to Mass these days.  I told him the Latin Mass and he said we were home.  I must have looked at him funny because he said that was the Mass we were meant for.  It was a surprise because he is at a church that we will not go to because it is so far the opposite direction.   Father Munchy, I wish you safe riding and God's blessings.

Some mixed emotions.  A feeling of emptiness and fullness.  God is good.  Life is good.



Time really does fly doesn't it? The part that gets me is that I am so much older than I think I should be!! How did that happen??


Please let Joe know we are praying for a good outcome tomorrow. God's will be done.

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