January 22, 1983
25 years and still going

Ted is off to school

Ted headed out the door a little after 0600 for his 2nd day of school.  He had his first day yesterday but missed the first period as we were still getting him registered.  He seems to be excited about all they have to offer at this school.  Lots of computer classes and he starts AFJROTC today.

The school is brand new, opened just this year.  It already has 1200 students.  I have lived on bases that did not have that many people.  I think Tim grew up in a town with less population than that.  I guess high schools are a city unto themselves.

When we were going through the registering process they seemed more worried about what his transcipts had in black and white then what the kid has learned.  You have to cross all the T's and dot all the i's.  I have been trying to tell the conselor he is above easy classes.  She finally received all his paperwork and saw what I was taking about.  But it still comes down to socialization.  He needs to be with children his own age.  Because this is the middle of the year he cannot start AP classes this year.  She will put him in AP next year.  It comes back to checking all the boxes and socialization.

I do hope and pray that this is what God wants for Ted.  I pray that the Holy Spirit stays with him and helps in this new chapter of his life.


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