25 years and still going

new fangled things

I would really like to give the brainiac, Ted, a hard time for not being able to get his coat out of the locker after school today.  I mean, he is the brains and knows everything!  He cannot even figure out how to work the locker combination.  How difficult can it be?

He has never had to work a lock before.

Me.  I got a cool present for Christmas.  I now have a DVD stereo system in my room.  Do you think I know how to use it? 

I have never had to work a DVD before.

When the kids were little (Zach and Joe) they would push buttons on Tim's stereo and we would be out of music, TV, and radio until he came home.  Even if it was weeks....

Max, Chris and Joe are in my room trying to find my TV again. 

I know where a book is...


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