> Ski 2008

Copper Mountain
Going up the Super Bee
Ted & Chris ready to go!
Beautiful view of the Copper Mt valley
Whatta view!
Bright Sun & Great Snow
Here comes Mom!
Are we having fun yet?
There's a big grin under that mask
Even Zach joined us this trip
Takin' a break
Ooh - Helmet Hair
Life is Good!
This one's for Mike & Lora
Joe Cool
Some Fun!
There I wuz
Riding the Mountain Chief Chair in Copper Bowl
Copper Bowl
More Copper Bowl
More Copper Bowl
The Enchanted Forest
More Enchanted Forest
Chillin after a hard day of skiing
Who wants a Martini?
Ooh that looks tasty!
The never-ending Phase 10 game
Mom's up to something!
What a handsome chap!
Break Time
This isn't torture
Where are we going next?
From the top of Super Bee looking northwest
It doesn't get any better than this!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Top of the Storm King Poma lift
Top of the Storm King Poma lift
Lillie G
Copper Bowl and Tucker Mountain
Another great day of skiing
Copper Bowl
Hi Mike!