34 and counting!
My best friend

I did have my flu shot

But I guess my body did not get the message.  I started running a fever and coughing on Wednesday.  By Friday morning I was beginning to think there was something more going on than the normal.  I finally went to the doc and tested positive for Influenza type A.  I was given a script for Tamiflu and sent my merry way.

I did argue about taking tamiflu since I had been sick for 3 days already.  Seems with my health and how easily I can get pneumonia and bronchitis the doc felt this was warranted.

I am now on day 4 of a fever that just wont go away.  It hurts to cough.  And my body is starting to stiffen up and burn from lack of movement.  Am I going to have a RA flare on top of all this.

The sad part is that last week I am pretty sure I had a pretty good flare.  I had been worn out for days but I have been really trying to keep moving.  I went to water aerobics in the morning and came home and did house work and stuff.  I was getting really stiff in my hips so I went outside to walk with the dogs in the field.  I was hoping that the walking would loosen my hips and back up.  I tried to do the barn chores, I could not finish.  I could not stop the tears.  The pain was so bad.

It took me almost three hours to calm my body down.  I was freezing (fever).  I had the heating pad and hot tea.  I took my meds.  I was pretty miserable.

The next day I had an appt to get adjusted and my doc looked at me and said that was a flare!  ???

I hope the rest of the year is a little nicer to my body.


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