3RD annual RABLOG week

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Rick from RAdiabetes is sponsoring a blog week for people with arthritis to reach out to others.

You can go on his site to find the links to all the writers.  I know I have enjoyed reading the blog week in the previous years and this time I am going to try my hand at joining in.  Most are professional writers and they offer a lot of insight.  Please join in reading what is shared.


Impedance Test

Some doctor's choice of medieval torture.  I have had to do this test more than once.  Granted it has been years since I had to do it.  I am on different meds but I also have a new lung doc that says all my problems are from GERD.  I was on Nexium and that did nothing to help.  I have been on Dexilant for more years than I can think of but I have a new doc.  Here we go again.

I was scheduled for this test weeks ago.  Yes, I had my flu shot.  Yes, I got the flu.  Cancelled and rescheduled.  Showed up for this test and said I had been sick.  I was over it, sorta.  This nurse decides she can go on with the test with a little gel.  No.  Did not go up, then down.  hurt like hell.  She calls in a higher nurse who pulls the wire out and asks if I want her to try again using lidacaine.  Do what?  No!  Take it out I am going home.

Gee, I have to do this test.  so here we go again.  This time I am with the better nurse.  She is going more carefully.  This time I have the gel with the lidacaine.  Not one snort of this stuff.  Three times.  It hits my throat and I know it.  My ears have now popped.  And she takes the time to put this gel all over the wire that is going in my nose and down my throat.

Okay.  It is there.  I have to keep this thing in for 22-24 hours.  I now have a tube up my nose and down my throat, and a wire taped across my face.  Go and do your normal routine.  Eat, drink and be merry.

You are supposed to do your normal routine of eating, drinking and exercise.  Go ahead. go out in public.  And watch the reaction of people.  Nothing like having green hair and purple skin.

Drink -  I hope you own straws.  A bottle works but you are not supposed to drink carbonated drinks so that rules out a beer. It hurts to swallow.

Eat - again, it hurts to swallow.  A food processor that can make baby food is a good tool to have on hand.

Normal routine - yep.  you have this box thing hanging around your neck.  If it moves wrong, it hurts.  Remember you have that wire hanging from your nose.  

I have a dog that is so curious about this thing that I am inside and he is out.

No, I am not going out to the barn tonight.  I am not risking something hitting this thing and hurting.  Not to  mention the dust going up my nose.

 And getting a sinus infection?

The sad part is, I can do this test and still not be able to go to Mass for Easter.  I cannot go into stinky stores like Pier One.

I am thankful that Colorado does not allow cigarette smoking in public settings.  At least I can go get a great beer when this is all over with.

Can you tell I am happy?

I will try to remember to let you know how all this turns out.


and if any one knows how to put an image in correctly I would appreciate the help

totally confused

I think that I had to have a third party company to have some one be able to subscribe to my blog.  And it will cost.  Why is that not on typepad already?  Or am I missing something?

Does any one subscribe to this blog?  It is meant for family and friends but I am not very good at any of this.  

If you know something, please help.



Winter break!

Mar 6, 2017

Mar 6, 2017

Mar 6, 2017

Mar 6, 2017

Mar 6, 2017

Tim and I needed a break and a short ski trip fit the bill.  It turned into one of those fantastic blue bird days in Colorado.

The weather was beautiful and because we were there midweek, we had the mountain almost to ourselves.  I stayed on the groomed blues and left Tim to find the bumps, powder and the more aggressive stuff.  I did pretty good the first day.  By the second day I was feeling body parts pretty bad.  The photo from the back of the car is me napping.  

I can not ski that well any more.  I can not stay out there from first chair to last chair.  I won't even try.  I just still love to be in the mountains.  I still like to watch others enjoying themselves on the slopes.  I enjoy the quiet of the mountain.  

I am thankful that we were able to go.  To enjoy.  To Breathe.

I did have my flu shot

But I guess my body did not get the message.  I started running a fever and coughing on Wednesday.  By Friday morning I was beginning to think there was something more going on than the normal.  I finally went to the doc and tested positive for Influenza type A.  I was given a script for Tamiflu and sent my merry way.

I did argue about taking tamiflu since I had been sick for 3 days already.  Seems with my health and how easily I can get pneumonia and bronchitis the doc felt this was warranted.

I am now on day 4 of a fever that just wont go away.  It hurts to cough.  And my body is starting to stiffen up and burn from lack of movement.  Am I going to have a RA flare on top of all this.

The sad part is that last week I am pretty sure I had a pretty good flare.  I had been worn out for days but I have been really trying to keep moving.  I went to water aerobics in the morning and came home and did house work and stuff.  I was getting really stiff in my hips so I went outside to walk with the dogs in the field.  I was hoping that the walking would loosen my hips and back up.  I tried to do the barn chores, I could not finish.  I could not stop the tears.  The pain was so bad.

It took me almost three hours to calm my body down.  I was freezing (fever).  I had the heating pad and hot tea.  I took my meds.  I was pretty miserable.

The next day I had an appt to get adjusted and my doc looked at me and said that was a flare!  ???

I hope the rest of the year is a little nicer to my body.